Of the thousands upon thousands of days you’ve lived, there’s one day that matters most in the eyes of you and your family. Your wedding day.

The bride has dreamed of and planned for this day since she wore tiny dresses.
The groom has anticipated the day he finally says “I do” to the one he loves.
The father has lived for the few seconds of walking his girl arm in arm down the aisle.
And everything the mother has taught the bride has culminated in this very moment.

Welcome to life’s picture-perfect moment.
And Martini Production will do everything we can to make EVERY picture perfect… EVERY moment perfect.

CARING about your wedding day and your results is what will give you that picture-perfect wedding day and results!

Let’s face… there are lots of wedding photographers and videographers. But there’s only one Martini Production.

Yes, we have years of photography and video (we call it Cinematic Styling) expertise. Yes, we utilize the industry’s most advanced equipment and technologies. Yes, we have shot many weddings and have a long list of couples ecstatic with the results.

But what sets us apart, and the reason you should consider Martini Production for your picture-perfect day is that this is our passion. This is what we absolutely love to do.

You’ll see that when we’re learning more about you and your venue weeks before the wedding. You’ll see it when we go to great lengths on your wedding day to get the most creative, original and emotion-filled shots.

And we’ll see it on your face when you view your photos and watch your video for the first time.

  • Posted on 30. October 2019
  • Written by marcin
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