Hi. My name is Marcin Kania. I don’t like DJing weddings, I love DJing weddings! It’s a night you can never have back, so it has to be perfect. I get everyone dancing, young and old, through my infectious blend of classic hits, recent chart-toppers and those universal gems that speak to everyone. With me on the turntables, the dance floor stays packed all night long.  It’s all about customization.

From the first dance to the last song, my goal is to find out the couple’s likes and dislikes and implement a game plan to suit their specific desires. My goal at every wedding is to make all of those special moments that much more special by creating a perfect wedding soundtrack. The music can and should be one of the most fun parts of the night.  I love the moment when I play that one song which gets everyone on the dance floor, young and old and creates that special memory for the bride and groom. 

My gear allows:

  • Show pictures of the Bride & Groom!
  • Play your favorite Music Videos!
  • Entertains everyone – even those who are seated!
  • Instantly bring back good memories & nostalgia!
  • Make your THEMED event come alive!
  • Show amazing computer graphics!
  • Display your personal Slide Show!
  • Sync iconic movie clips to music selections!
  • Display a message of appreciation or congratulation!
  • Play a music video dedication
  • Is futuristic, fascinating & engrossing!
  • Wonderfully “interacts” with the dance floor!
  • Heightens the joy & excitement!
  • An unforgettable & unique experience!
  • Is a crowd pleaser & encourages dancing!
  • Continually sets the “mood” & ambiance!

  • Posted on 30. October 2019
  • Written by marcin
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